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LOBster Games is a small indie game development studio consisting of Lena Thorsmæhlum (artist) and Bjørn Furuknap (development). We offer gun-for-hire services in programming, 2D art, concept design, engine development, and full game development.


LOBster Games can offer both full development services, from idea to finished product, as well as assistance with parts of a project. We work on all platforms, can work in most languages, and have experience across a wide range of frameworks.


With years of experience from across the world, LOBster Games can offer you unique ideas and graphics for your games, from concept art to 2D textures or paintings to complete 3D rendered models.

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Crawley/ISENG Hybrid

Crawley/ISENG Hybrid

One of the major components of Wizh.NET, LOBster Games’ platform for interactive storytelling, is ISENG. ISENG is an extensible device and platform independent format for sharing interactive stories. One idea we’ve been contemplating is using ISENG as a basis for cross-medium storytelling. Imagine that you read an interactive story in your favorite reading application but

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