Addictive 2D puzzle game inspired by Rubik’s Cube. If, like us, you never got to grips with Rubik’s Cube, this is a game for you. It’s much simpler to learn, but with challenges to keep you occupied forever.

Twisto features unique social features such as URL based collaboration, sharing, and puzzle bookmarking, a cross-platform code sharing system, as well as unique puzzles generated from keywords of your own choosing.

Current State: Released

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Letter City

Simple game for learning the alphabet. Built to show rapid game development. Development time is approximately 7 days with an additional 10 days for preparation and polishing. Free version includes 10+ characters and 4 levels. Possible full version to include 50+ characters and 15+ levels as well as additional play modes.

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Current state: Public Beta

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Maff’s Math Game

Fun and educational game for children or adults learning math. Takes a Jeopardy approach to teaching where the player must construct a problem that matches a given solution. Features a storyline with multiple characters explaining how math is used in real life and why learning it is important.

Current State: Private Alpha (get in touch to see playable version)