Job Posting


LOBster Games is hiring game developers


LOBster Games is expanding and looking to hire a game developer. We’re a young indie company with decades of experience working both on our own titles as well as contract work for clients. We have had an influx of requests and are looking to expand the LOBster family with one developer.


  • The ideal candidate is a multi platform developer with programming experience. We’re currently utilizing Unity and libGDX for our own and client games but have also done work in Monogame. We have also built Wizh.NET and its underlying format ISENG, which is a cross platform, cross medium story format with libraries built for .NET and Java. Our resident artist is using GIMP, Spine, Spriter, Blender, and other tools to build the graphical assets we need.


  • As of this moment, we aren’t in a position to dictate the type of game our clients will request and our portfolio will contain so we’re really more impressed by ability to adapt than decades of experience in a single type of game. As such, we welcome young talent that can demonstrate that they can pick up and handle new challenges quickly.


  • Currently, we have one game in late production called Maff’s Math Game, targeted at children aged 7-10, as well as two other non-disclosed games in early development. We also have clients to whom we deliver paid services. Part of your duties will be to work with these clients to deliver development and advisory services. 


  • Part of the recruitment process will be development tasks (not spec work) in different frameworks, languages, and platforms. 


  • However, above all, the ideal candidate must share our ideas about how work should be. LOBster Games is a laid back company where we focus more on having fun than on evolving early heart attacks. We foster creativity, fun, and enjoyment and feel these have to come before focus on money. We play games as much as we build them so that we can learn what works, what we like, and what we should avoid. 


  • That said, our clients and coming players of our own games expect nothing but the highest quality and will get that. If you cannot deliver that and still have fun and enjoy yourself then you may want to look for a different employer. 




Note: This is a remote paid position. We’ll only consider equity deals with highly qualified applicants and only after a paid trial period. You will be paid initially as a contractor and will have to know how to handle this in your own country. 


Compensation is to be negotiated but will by default be a straight pay position. Equity or revenue sharing is only an option for certain applicants. Work will happen remotely with Skype and Hangout as primary means of interaction. 


Time zone is irrelevant but we do meet twice a week at fixed times for status updates and planning. You need to speak English fluently. LOBster games has approximately 66% female employees and have no problems increasing that number.


Think you have what it takes? Send us your resume and why you think you’ll rock our world. We’re all ears over at